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If it doesn't scroll, then these pages will not work, so please don't waste your time trying to view them.
You can view my Java Applet pages
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Due to the nature of some of these scripts,
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Please Note:
Some of these scripts might activate your security warnings!
It's YOUR decision whether to open them or not.
If you get one, the script can be canceled and it won't run.
You CAN'T trust everyone out here on the Web!
Needless to say, I get the warnings too on some of these,
but I run these on my own system with no ill effects.
some of these might be a little too CPU intensive
if you have a slower
They all run fine on a AMD 233mhz system,
but most are too much for a 486, I checked.<g>
If your system gets bogged down too much,
use Alt-F4 or Ctrl-Alt-Delete to get out.

For some of these, there are 2 versions, regular and full screen.
When you click for the fullscreen version, it launches in a new window.
To get out of it, you can click on the little X in the upper right corner or,
you can press your Alt and F4 keys at the same time to close the window.
Either way, when the full screen closes,
it will leave you on a page with a back button you can use to return here.


one last note before you explore these,
some of these use large graphic files,
so please give them time to download if you have a slow modem
or the connection here is slow.
Some, specially the first marquee ones,
will work better if you let them download
then use your refresh button to start again.

Have Fun!


These use a marquee script


Another type of marquee


These use a blur filter


A simple use of layering


Absolute positioning with a Java Pool applet


Shoot Stars from your finger tip
{You must use your Back button on this one}


This uses ActiveX and Direct Animation


These use a background span/scroll

Full Screen (will not work with pop-up blockers)


These use a kaleidoscope script

Full Screen (will not work with pop-up blockers)


A variation of the kaleidoscope script

Full Screen (will not work with pop-up blockers)


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