Proud to be an Annexcafe Honored Artist

So, why am I proud to be an AnnexCafe Honored Artist?
Let me explain......

Annexcafe is home to various newsgroups of artists that, with Internet Explorer and Outlook Express DHTML scripting, find ways to present graphics and sound in exciting new ways.
This often enhances the experience when being exposed to graphic works. By adding sound and movement, one can add additional emotional content to an artistic piece.
Examples of this is found in the Scripts section of my website, and it is the source behind what you find there.
This is something that originated with Outlook Express Stationery over 6 years ago (at least as far back as 1998, anyway), and it has gone far beyond what can be called simple Stationery.

Annexcafe and the artists and scripters that go there are very concerned about copyright issues.
No one has any desire to deliberately infringe on an artists' copyright.
An Honored Artist is an artist who has given permission to those at Annexcafe to use their graphic images in scripted content. All terms and limitations of the artists concerning their images are strictly adhered to. Those found violating those rights have the postings removed and can face punishment in the form of being banned from the newsgroups.

There are advantages to both sides of this, the artists who create the images and the artists who use the graphics in scripted environments.
For the artists who create their images, the advantage is that their work is presented to large groups of people at Annexcafe, often in ways the original artist didn't dream possible.
For the artists interested in selling their works, the advantage of free advertising should be obvious.<g>
For the artists that do the scripting and use the graphics, the biggest advantage is having a wide variety of graphics to choose from. One of the biggest problems is finding graphics to use in different scripted environments, and without worry of violating copyrights.

Annexcafe maintains a large list of both those artists who have and haven't given permission to use their works, making it easier to avoid copyright infringement.

As a person who has looked at it from both sides of the coin, for I've been doing the scripting thing since 1998 myself and it's one of the big reasons why I started making my own graphics,
it makes me doubly proud to be included in the ranks of Honored Artists for AnnexCafe.


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