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Except where otherwise noted,
all images are originals done by me.
You can use any images if you want for nonprofit purposes.
If you use any on a website or in stationery,
I'd appreciate it if you put up a link to my site.
Thank you,

Due to the size of some of the galleries, each one has it's own page


I enjoy exploring fractals.
I like all kinds,
from a simple play with color and variations in light
to fantastic shapes with hidden patterns....

Fractals By ThunderBob:

ThunderBob's Fractal Gallery

Fractals By Cee:

Cee's Fractal Gallery

I like exploring the capabilities of Poser and Bryce
Here you will find images done with Bryce, the only limit is your imagination


Click Here to Enter the Poser/Bryce Gallery by Diane Lewis
Tritone by Diane Lewis

The Dinkys:
A collection of Poser/Bryce images,
coloring pages,
and PSP Tube downloads.

Click Here to Enter The Dinkys, a Collection of Poser Images, Coloring Pages, and PSP Tubes
The Dinkys by Diane Lewis

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