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First off,
Let me say thanks for taking the time to visit my website.
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Definition Stuff

Pronunciation: 'di-j&-t&l
Function: adjective
Etymology: Latin digitalis
Date: circa 1656
(3): of, relating to, or using calculation by numerical methods or by discrete units

Pronunciation: 'ren-d&r
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): ren·dered; ren·der·ing /-d(&-)ri[ng]/
Etymology: Middle English rendren, from Middle French rendre to give back, yield, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin rendere, alteration of Latin reddere, partly from re- + dare to give & partly from re- + -dere to put --
Date: 14th century
(1): to reproduce or represent by artistic or verbal means

(Compliments Merriam-Webster Online

Some Info Stuff

Wherever possible, I try to use my own graphics.
Most of the graphics here were created by me with:

JASC's PaintShop Pro,
MetaCreation's Bryce 2, 3, 4, and Corel/Daz's Bryce 5,
Metacreation's Poser 3-4 and Curious Labs' Poser 5,
and just about all of Steve Ferguson's fractal software.<g>
I've mostly used several versions of his TieraZon, SterlingWare, GrafZVision, and Ktaza for generating the fractals on this website.

Most of the scripts used on the IE script pages were done by others
and posted in html newsgroups.
A few I set up myself, the others I adapted to my needs.
You can use IE's View Source feature to see the script authors
in those I've adapted.
Thanks to these HTML Masters for their genius in coming up with them
and allowing everyone to freely use them.

I also edited some of the midi's heard here with WinJammer Shareware.
About all I did was change patches and/or volume on some of them,
adjusting them to the mood of some of my work.
My hat's off to the original and very talented sequencers.

Shameless Plug Stuff

My Downloads page contains some models I've made,
free for the taking.
Click here:


Link Stuff

Stephen Ferguson's site:
Iterations ét Flarium24

Where I got the *original* JAVA Lake applet from:

Click here to get what you need to make your own Lake view.
(Sorry, the site no longer exists. I'm leaving this here as a tribute.)

Anfy Java Team site, source of other JAVA Applets:

PaintShop Pro
ROFL.. used to be JASC, now:

Bryce software and Poser content:

(Formerly Curious Labs)

Excellent 3D graphics website, includes forums, a store, free downloads, artist submissions
and galleries:

WinJammer Midi software:
WinJammer Software

Annexcafe website and newsgroups:
Please note that the direct newsgroup links will only work for those already registered with Annexcafe.
To take advantage of those great protected and moderated nntp
newsgroups, please go to the Signup page -> here <- to create your free account.
If you have questions about why or how to set it up, please click -> here <- to visit the FAQ's.
You can also access this newsgroup
for problems concerning registration and access.

A personal website you should visit:
Ronnee's Breast Cancer, Fitness and Family Page
I even got an Award from there :o)
Thank you, Ronnee!!


I hope you enjoy your visit...




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